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Is Kiteboarding and Kitesurfing the same activity?

Yes, they are two different names for the same activity.

How long does it take to learn Kiteboarding?

Every person learns at their own speed.  Some people will find the kite flying easier, whereas sometimes people who have done other board sports such as wakeboarding or snowboarding may find the board aspect easier.  We cater our lessons for your learning speed.  We would normally recommend a 9 or 12 hour course to cover all the basic skills of kiting.

Can I do lessons anytime of the day?

Kitesurfing is a wind related sport so we do the lessons when it is the best wind, so you must be a little flexible as we can not influence the wind.  We look at forecasts and base lesson times on these.

Can I learn together with another person?

Yes, if you have a friend or family member who also wants to learn kiting you can learn in a semi private lesson – the benefit can be that you learn from watching the other person’s achievements and mistakes and it is great fun, however you share one kite and one instructor so you take turns.  If one student starts progressing excessively faster than another student then it is not practical to continue with semi private lessons and we may need to separate students to private lessons.  If one student is excessively bigger than the other it may not be practical to do semi private lessons if you require different kite sizes.  If you do not already have a friend who wants semi private lessons the same time as you then we maybe able to put you together with another Seabreeze student of a similar level to yourself depending on who is there at the same time as you.

Must I be strong to Kiteboard?

No, Kiteboarding is more about technique than strength.  You wear a harness so the power of the kite goes to the core of the body rather than the arms.

Must I be able to swim to Kiteboard?

Yes, you must be able to swim.  If you want to try kiting but can not swim try snowkiting or landboard kiting instead.

Can children take lessons?

We tend to start lessons from aged 12 upwards.  The student must be big enough for the harness, lifejacket and helmet.  They must be able to understand the safety aspect of the activity and stay focused throughout the lesson.

What must I bring to lessons?

You should bring something comfortable to wear in the water, sunglasses and suncream. It is good to bring a camera if you want to get some great shots to remember your experience.

What is your lesson cancellation policy?

You will be charged U$ 50 if you cancel or “NO Show” with less than 2 hours notice.

Can I rent from you if I can not kite at an advanced level?

We will rent equipment only to people who can kite proficiently and that are safe.  If you can kite at a basic level and understand safety but can not ride upwind we will rent a kite to you providing you also take supervision (see rental page for pricing).

Where should I go for lessons - Philippines or Indonesia?

The wind is cross onshore at different times of the year in Siargao, Philippines and Lhoknga, Indonesia.  We do not teach in offshore winds as this is dangerous.  Siargao tends to be onshore Mid November to end March whereas Lhoknga, Indonesia is cross onshore Mid May until Mid September.
Siargao, Philippines has more tourism than Lhoknga, Indonesia which is a quiet rural fishing village.

Can I buy alcohol and wear what I like in Lhoknga, Indonesia?

The area is Muslim however you can easily buy beer from certain places however other alcoholic drinks not not readily available so it is best to bring those yourself from duty free.  You can drink alcoholic drinks in your guest house and certain beach bars, however do not drink it other public places.  Although it is Muslim it is not expected that Non Muslims wear Muslim clothing, however out of courtesy women should wear something that covers the shoulders and down to the knees and men cover their chest in public areas.  You can wear whatever you like in the guesthouse and wear bikinis on the beach by the kiteschool as this is not such a public area, but cover up on other public areas of the beach.  If you are a light sleeper it is wise to bring earplugs so you do not get woken up by the mosque in the morning. Lhoknga is a relaxed quiet fishing village – it is definitely not a party place.

How much luggage do the airlines allow?

Air Asia and other airlines can be fairly strict on their baggage policies so make sure you have booked the correct type of bag and book sports equipment for large items such as boardbags – see http://www.airasia.com/id/en/baggage-info/sports-equipment.page.  Each bag may weight no more than 32kg.

How can I pay you?

Seabreeze Kiteclub accepts payments in cash in local currency (Indonesian Rupiah or Philippines Peso) based on daily internet exchange rate, US dollar or Paypal with a 5% surcharge. We have had issues with Paypal not being accepted from French and Swiss clients so they may have pay cash – There are maximum amounts that you can withdraw from local ATMs per day so please take this into account.

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