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April 2015


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After the last post, what was a huge hit!  I was wondering of the line :’ You only live once’ came in mind when you started with kite boarding?

It is of course a fact that more and more kite boarders are in their mid 30 when they are start with kite surfing, like myself.  You also had the opportunity to hit a little ball sport, like Golf or Tennis and so many more.  But the thrill and the speed combined with the power of the kite keeps on pulling us away from other sports.

The sport has the magic of turning it into a “lifestyle’.  It will let you escape you from your life when you are on the water.  It will enhance your dreams, hopes and makes you wonder why you not discovered this earlier.  10346226_242466902627369_6234579895031312936_n

Just the simple tool like some lines and a kite.  That’s all that it is!  It amazes me every time when I am on the water.

Do we use the sport as a cover from getting old?  Do we need to accept that our handle-pass move is not going to be as fluent anymore when we are over 45?

Off course!  But If you ask any person who comes of the water when he finished his session and has a smile like “The Joker’ out of the Batman film, would you change your sport for anything in the world??

I can guarantee that they only think of one line: Never! “You only live once”