Siargao, Phillipines. The undiscovered kitesurfing dream.

Kitesurfing At Siargao, Philippines.

This is your dream kiteboarding heaven for the months that us in the Northern Hemisphere normally spend sitting at home in the early,dark evenings in the cold watching the television.  We have great conditions from the Mid November until the end of March.  This place definitely needs to be on your ‘bucketlist’.

Seabreezekiteclub Siargao, Philippines

With beautiful white sandy beaches and great wind it is everyone’s dream to kiting in the lovely lagoon in Siargao, Philippines. This kiteboarding holiday destination in the Philippines is one to watch.  Then sit back and enjoy your Pina Colada on a pristine beach in between your kite surfing sessions and go back to ride the waves as Cloud 9 on the reef.  This is also a great destination for non kiters to visit alike.

It is the new Boracay – but less crowded.   I think everyone agrees that is tiresome ‘ducking under each other lines’ while you are kiting.

A lot of us all want that same feeling again that we had when we started kiting – An awesome energy that you build up and the explosion on the water to shoot you up in the sky like a rocket!.  Then you are up there, hanging in the sky and finishing with all the space to land your tricks or big air.  Nowadays, you often need to watch out where you will land your jumps in many kite destinations in the world.  Siargao, Philippines will give you that same kite energy along with more space to express yourself on the water.

After a great day riding, enjoy the sunset with a cold beer or cocktail in one of the many bars on this Philippine kite island and continue this with great food at Kermit kite-surfcamp.  This place is known for its amazing international dishes with a friendly atmosphere.

Great accommodation is key for your well deserved kite surfing holiday.  Kermit kite surfcamp has outstanding reviews on Tripadvisor and that made our decision easy to work together and give the kiters among us the optimal kite vacation.

Kermit accommodationSeabreeze kite club started in Sumatra, Indonesia, a pearl in the kiteboarding world and becoming more popular while we speak.  It is a kiteboarding destination which shares the same recipe as Siargao, Philippines.  Undiscovered but Oh, so beautiful.

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