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December 2015

PKA on Siargao Philippines and the opening of the new school. Strapless tricks explained.

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From Aceh, Indonesia to Siargao, Philippines.  Seabreeze Kite Club has moved and 12208505_10153816918554379_7190443529141477780_nopened the new location at Siargao,  How beautiful is this island?

Well The PKA riders from The Philippines and mainly participants from Boracay discovered this as well for the first time as it was their beginner stop this season.

Starting of the Amihan wind season was also the “start’ sign of this event.


Beginner tips explained!

We started last blog with our strapless tricks and we saw that there was a lot of interest in our blog for this special and great part of kitesurfing.  So let’s do and continue this great tutorial part of strapless riding.

Make sure you are in at least knee deep water so you don’t rip your fins out when you get up on the board.

Head slightly downwind initially to generate speed.

Keep up a moderate amount of speed but control it so you don’t get launched when you hit the first wave or whitewater.

To get over  whitewater bend your knees and suck up the wave and let your board ride up over the foam. Kite position is really important. Keep your kite at 45% or better still have your kite pulling down as you hit the foam. This will pull you down and help you stick to your board. A combination of these 2 skills will ensure you stay on the kiteboard with or without straps.

If the wind is light you will need to move your kite to generate enough speed to penetrate the waves.

We are looking forward to seeing you on the water and “nail” strapless tricks.