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January 2016

Suncream! Yes, of course while kiteboarding. Which one is the best one?

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Do you remember the days that you are sitting on the beach and waiting for the wind that does not come.  Then…..   Finally….   Wind!images

Great, get your harness, board, kite, sunglasses maybe and ask if someone can give you a launch!

What did we forgot?  Yes suncream!  Especially on our nose.  When we are coming back then we have a nice blister peeling of our nose and it looks like someone made a real NOSE-SLIDE but then on your nose


Well, this could be avoided with the right suncream.  We are not getting a brand for you that you have to take or we make an advertisement for a specific brand at our Seabreezekiteclub.  Do we want your opinion of what is the best brand out there without the cream dripping in your eyes when you are kitesurfing?

Let’s see what you all think of it?