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November 2016

Kite-Aid & Seabreeze Kite Club. It is a strong bond!

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We are at this time of the year that we are looking into opening Siargao, Philippines again.  Running the kite-season here from the middle of November till the end of March.

Relocated and a “Million dollar view”.  That is were Seabreeze Kite Club is located this kitesurfing season here in beautiful Siargao.  A huge flat water lagoon and a mecca for beginner kiteboarders.

beach 2

We will provide you this season with our usual “good vibes” while relaxing in our hammocks, drinking or chilling at our direct beachfront access.

All this time we were looking for a product that was available for our clients when there was a broken kite, ripped or leaking leading edges.  It was difficult to find a tool that was reachable for us in our remote locations where our kite-centers are located.

You don’t thrust the locals to repair your kite.  Hell no!  They are very good in sewing your clothes and socks but when it comes to your kite that needs attention then it is better to look a bit further and a product on the market that has proven itself and is Professional.

Here we have chosen for Kite-Aid.  We are very happy to become the kite repair center in Siargao, Philippines and Aceh, Indonesia.  It is a great extra service from our kitesurfing center this kite season.

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