Wow!  What a feeling!  I am flying….  and so much more shouts came from the water as soon as I touched the foil and made my first splash in the blue, warm water here in Siargao, Philippines.

foiling in Siargao, Philippines at our kite-school.

foiling in Siargao, Philippines at our kite-school.

The feeling is nothing compared with anything else, since I started kitesurfing many, many years ago.  It is a combination of flying and the total freedom sliding through the water as a “knife through soft butter”.   You can ride this thing already in about 7 knots.  So no worries here that your hair will get into a “knot’ or messed up.

What makes this foiling so special?  Well I think you need to try this at home. Get out and find a foil somewhere at your local spot or come to Seabreeze Kite Club in The Philippines.  Get on there and make your first meters.

Pressing forward on the board is a MUST DO!  otherwise you will be seeing yourself flying backwards into the air. ( Which happens, for sure) but all good as this is so much fun.

Take it gentle and move yourself a little bit pressing the nose and when gliding then twist a little from your hips ( not to much) but enough to get the “mast” out of the water and feel that sensation that you are getting from the “lift off”

We are using the Slingshot foil system at our kite-school here in Siargao, Philippines as this will 100% help you when you never foiled before as there are 3 different mast systems that you change when you improve, starting with the smallest mast, of course.

Amazing students. Foiling and fun. Hooked for life.

Amazing students. Foiling and fun. Hooked for life.

I am soo “SOLD” and HOOKED’ to this foiling with a kite.  It gives the strapless riding another level to master with ton of fun.  Be advised: wear a helmet and an impact vest. Just to be safe!

Have heaps of fun![bws_google_captcha]

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