Experiencing light winds is a common thing when we go kitesurfing or as with us at our schools in Siargao, Philippines or Aceh, Indonesia. https://seabreezekiteclub.com/

In Siargao, Philippines at our Seabreeze Kite Club we use Switch kites as they are light wind machines and fly in 8 to 9 knots with a rider of 75kg.  This is amazing!

We all be there!  drifting forward and then pulling 1 line….. Nothing happens… but only the drift further away. Hmmm. what now.  Well normally it is always good to pull the steering-line closer towards the beach as you will be drifting towards this direction slowly.  Don’t bring the kite back up in the air but hold on to this and let yourself float into the direction of the beach or your kitesurfing teacher.

Well what if we are far away?

Then there are 3 possibilities that you can perform in the water, while you are drifting.  I am using a “deep water scenario” as this is the most common thing in the world while kitesurfing.

Let’s go and use number 1 to get started and also the oldest way to perform a relaunch in really light wind or you are hydro-foiling and the wind drops!

***1*** Swimming towards the kite***1***

  1. The kite is in front of you and Leading edge down.
  2. Then try to swim fast towards the kite until the kite will “roll” on his side.
  3. Pull the steering line. ( the one that comes out of the water) and pull gently to get the kite in 1 go up in the air.


***2*** Pulling 1 steering line and 1 opposite powerline***2***( My favorite One!)

  1. Pull 1 steering line.
  2. Pull then the opposite powerline of the steering line that is pulled.
  3. Let the kite go “rolling” on his side, while letting go slow of the powerline.
  4. Release then the steeringline as well.


***3***Use the O’Shit” handles***3***

  1. This will not work with all of our kites.  It is a common snowkiting technique.  However we explain it anyway and worth a shot, while floating. ))
  2. Open the “O-shoit handles above the floaters. ( If you have any).  Then pull hard, simultaneously on both of your steering lines.
  3. Make sure your kite will go UP in the air Upside down till a 2meter lifted.
  4. Release 1 handle and immediately the other one as well.  Be prepared for a Pull.

Relax and have yourself looking at this video, where it will be visual.

Happy kiting and visit us at 1 of our destinations!

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