Bantayan Island is our newest destination of Seabreeze Kite Club. How and why here, you would ask?  Well. It is fairly simple.  I explain:

‘Talking and spending time with a local person of Cebu, Philippines made me turn my vision 180 degrees about the Island.  It has everything that you need.  from good food to brilliant Sunday afternoons in parks, waterfronts and don’t forget the variety of the nightlife it has to offer.

This island is packed with Expats from all over the world and it hosts many business hotels that are surrounded by big shopping malls, where you get lost.

Different sport activities like wake boarding, carting, bowling makes this Island a good getaway.  Many people will come to Cebu for a short stop then to take the boat to the different Islands near Cebu.

Quote by Kay, ( a local from Cebu): I Heart Cebu but I’m mesmerized by Bantayan Island.
What I love about growing up and living in Cebu lies in its enchanting culture, foods, and it’s natural resource.
Cebu is just a small island  but  there  are  many  places  to  discover  which  never  fails  to  amaze  us, but there is this one Island that I could say it is the PRIDE AND GEM OF CEBU that has not been discovered by most of the foreign people yet.
The secret little paradise of Bantayan Island.
Why? Because it is a place like no other! A perfect getaway place for those seeking peace & quiet, blue skies & clean air, with spectacular turquoise water & great white sand beach, along with some of the most beautiful sunrise & sunsets in the world, It doesn’t just end there! guess what? Kitesurfing.
One of the most unique water sports is now finally offered at our secret little paradise Bantayan Island from November till the middle of April where the Amihan wind season is at that time giving windy days from 12 to 25 knots.
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