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Kaliantan, Lombok, Indonesia. The All inclusive Ultimate kite-adventure.

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LOMBOK, Indonesia with Seabreeze Kite Club.

Ride this awesome lagoon in Kaliantan, Lobok, Indonesia with Seabreeeze Kite Club

Lombok is an Island in the West Nusa Tenggara province in Indonesia.  It forms part of the chain of the Lesser Sunda Island, with the Lombok straight separating it from Bali to the West and the Alas Straight between it and Sumbawa to the East.

Lombok has a tropical climate with average temperatures between 29c-34c.  Seabreeze Kite Club is operating in the dry seasons of Lombok, Indonesia.  From May till October you will find here warm temperatures and amazing wind.

Places to visit in East Lombok are Pink Beach, Paradise Beach, Tanjung Ringgit, Tanjung Bloam,  However the kitesurfing is done at Kaliantan Beach in East Lombok and that’s what you are looking for.


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The Spot! 

Kaliantan, Lombok, Indonesia is one of the tourist area’s in the Southern part of Lombok.  Kaliantan beach can be reached via 1 hour drive from Mataram City.

This widely open beach with amazing winds from May till October will give the beginner kiteboarder and the intermediate kitesurfer a lagoon full of opportunities to progress or cruise in this part of Indonesia.

The wavesurfers underneath us can challenge themselves on the reef with waves variable in sizes and the spectacular view will make this kitespot in Indonesia memorable for life.

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Ekas, Kaliantan in Lombok is a mecca for the kitesurfers.  Combine this with an amazing accommodation with all the goods and comfort served with an awesome customer service and you have a recipe for the ultimate kite-holiday.

Choose from our different styles of rooms and dip in the swimming pool.  Relax at dinner.  Enjoy the great Indonesian kitchen with fellow kitesurfers in our kite-camp setting.



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Bali to Lombok :

See you there this season from May till the middle of October.  For bookings