Beach Clean Up Kaliantan, Lombok, Indonesia at Seabreeze Kite Club

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After opening on the end of May with our newest kitesurfing school here in Kaliantan, Lombok, Indonesia.  Seabreeze Kite Club is ready for all of you guys.

However, when we arrived the beach was filled with plastic as at many other places in the world.  We always ask ourselves; How can we change this?

Well, it basically starts with every single person himself and it will then and can make an impact in the total world.  This time here, the local children of the village and all the workers from Ekkas Sunrise Resort ( our partner) and Instructors from Seabreeze Kite Club took the liberty to start this amazing venture to clean up this long stretch of the beach.

Would you like to book your kitesurfing Holiday with us?

clean up

Awesome achievement.