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PKA on Siargao Philippines and the opening of the new school. Strapless tricks explained.

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From Aceh, Indonesia to Siargao, Philippines.  Seabreeze Kite Club has moved and 12208505_10153816918554379_7190443529141477780_nopened the new location at Siargao,  How beautiful is this island?

Well The PKA riders from The Philippines and mainly participants from Boracay discovered this as well for the first time as it was their beginner stop this season.

Starting of the Amihan wind season was also the “start’ sign of this event.


Beginner tips explained!

We started last blog with our strapless tricks and we saw that there was a lot of interest in our blog for this special and great part of kitesurfing.  So let’s do and continue this great tutorial part of strapless riding.

Make sure you are in at least knee deep water so you don’t rip your fins out when you get up on the board.

Head slightly downwind initially to generate speed.

Keep up a moderate amount of speed but control it so you don’t get launched when you hit the first wave or whitewater.

To get over  whitewater bend your knees and suck up the wave and let your board ride up over the foam. Kite position is really important. Keep your kite at 45% or better still have your kite pulling down as you hit the foam. This will pull you down and help you stick to your board. A combination of these 2 skills will ensure you stay on the kiteboard with or without straps.

If the wind is light you will need to move your kite to generate enough speed to penetrate the waves.

We are looking forward to seeing you on the water and “nail” strapless tricks.



Strapless kitesurfing. A Hype? maybe not. Beginner tips explained.

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Here we can see Ben Meyer dropping into a “Bomb’.  Personally I was been taught by him in Cabarete and it is here also where  I was catching the first wave.11811532_10154034847407506_4056688838186702428_n

After many bails and wipe-outs, I started to get the “hang of it” and I would like to start this blog with the question : Is it a hype”?  in the kitesurfing world to ride strapless because it is not so cool to ride strapped you may think.

It really does not matter.  We all want to have fun and express yourself in the water.

Follow these beginner tips and see yourself getting up sooner and it makes it less frustrating.  Believe me it can be sometimes.


  • Try to get yourself a bigger board in the beginning.  A good measure will be around 3″ longer then yourself.
  • Buy yourself a board that lasts.  Starting on a regular surfboard will be the only option if you are out of “Dinero’s!
  • Ride on flat water first and master the edging as well as the first turns and jibes before heading of into the surf.  I know it not soo fun but it will help you.
  • Ride smaller kites.  If you see everyone riding on a 12m.  Then 9-10m kite will be good for you as an average weight of 80kg.  You don’t want the pull of the kite.
  • Take an Epoxy board in the beginning compared to the Polyester one.  It will last you longer.  After that!  Go to a shaper and design your own baby.


As you see all over the world Kite Surf competitions are rising and popping out of the ground.  Riding strapless is not a Hype.  It is a amazing ability what will bring you heaps of fun and you will get better with the technical side of the kite as well, while riding strapless.

We are going to Siargao, Philippines this November to open our second Seabreeze Kite Club until the end of March 2016.  A new dream destination and famous for the major breaks around the island as named: Cloud 9 etc.

Click for more details and information:

Siargao, Philippines. A dream kite surf destination.

Are you “Hooked” for life on your kite brand?

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How many times do we come across this question? When we are riding then you see all the names on the water.
Best, North, Cabrinha, Slingshot, Ozone etc. etc… :angryfire:

download (1)

What is and why is the brand what you are riding the awesome and amazing kite? Did you ” stick” with your kitebrand since day1? Maybe you have changed your kite brand and you are riding something completely else these day’s?


Did you ever not enjoyed a kite brand? What did you do with the kite? Sold it to a new buyer with the story to him that it was a amazing kite:) :lol:

Basically tell me what your story is regarding the kite brands and why you believe in them?

Looking forward to these discussions and the “ego’ of the brands what rule the market, :rollgrin:

Kite camps or solo travelers? That’s the question!

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The winter is coming and then we will see ourselves mostly sitting in our little chairs watching the television or we are working on our laptops caught up in the work and dreaming about the Oh, So still far away,  kite surfing holiday in the tropics or another dream place.


Sometimes there,  while surfing on the web, we will see the kite boarding adverts coming by from these kite holiday’s and we are getting already the thrills to go again.  With in your mind already having your boots on your feet or strapped into your ‘hook’, we will ask ourselves the question?  Shall I go with a kiteboarding camp this year or do I  book everything myself?


In your mind you will go through all your ‘plus and ‘minus’ .  If I go with a kitecamp then for sure I will meet other kiters or do I want to ride for myself?  Everything is organized in the camps while on the other hand I really look forward to see the ‘culture’ of the new destination and this is better to do when I book this trip on my own.

Are the camps more expensive?  Maybe it will be great to have everything spread out for me on my holiday and just enjoy this.

We see these day’s more and more camps jumping out o11825758_10153262592439177_3098583290119040760_nf the ground in the kite world.  They are basically all  selling the same trips to the ‘Hot Spots’ around the kiting world and some of them  cater to the ‘undiscovered’ spots.  Personally I like to  just book a ticket and go from there.  What is your thought about this and what do you prefer?  Also what is important besides of ‘good wind’ on your spot of choice for your ‘dream kitesurfing’ destination?

11237919_585444251558082_5291286632887152404_n  11887931_1135509223132981_8065017413799629708_n

We would like to thank our guests who visited us this season here in Indonesia as a ‘solo traveler’ or through a kitecamp.  We love to see you again next year, starting from the 1nd May to the end of September.

Now it is time to open in Siargao, Philippines where the wind will be from the end of November to the end of March.  We see you there, through a camp or solo!