Seabreeze or Venturi effect or maybe Trade winds? They are all invisible to the eye!

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The Amihan wind at Seabreeze Kite Club

Bantayan Island for kitesurfing will have the so called ‘Amihan Wind’.  This is a wind pattern in the Philippines that starts from November till the end of April.

Siargao, Philippines hosts the same wind for our kitesurfing school in General Luna.  These 2 location with our newest: Santa Fe, Bantayan Island has the similarity of the Trade winds.  However it is not that type of wind that runs the same as in the Caribbean.

Let’s put the different wind scenario’s here:

In the Philippines, Amihan refers to the season dominated by the trade winds, which are experienced in the Philippines as a cool northeast wind. It is characterized by moderate temperatures, little or no rainfall, and a prevailing wind from the east.

This is our dominant wind to be teaching and therefore we are open with our Seabreeze Kite Club locations in the Philippines.

The Sea Breeze effect

Is also known as thermal wind and it is most likely to happen in cooler waters, when the sun is out.  This is what we have at our other kiteboarding club in Aceh, Indonesia.  It is a great wind to go out and kite.  Mostly on 9 meter as average.

The sun heats the land up, the warm air rises from the land, the cooler air from the sea rushes in and causes onshore wind.  Mostly on the average day this will happen in the early afternoon and adds to the wind.  amazing!

A good sea breeze can add 20-50% more wind to a forecast and provide beautiful, consistent wind when nothing was predicted or add to existing wind and making it much stronger.

After rainfall, the Seabreeze effect needs to settle again and this will take a couple of day’s and then the cycle will start again.

The Venturi Effect

Is when the wind is forced through two objects  such as mountains, hills or buildings.   This affect is also at our spot in Indonesia from June till September!  The Venturi effect  causes much higher wind speeds.

Watch out if you are launching near buildings because you may not be expecting higher wind speeds but this well known wind effect can also be highly beneficial in places with light wind as many Kitesurfing locations around the world are windy simply because of the Venturi effect.

Join us from November till the end of April at one of our kitesurfing schools.

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Kite-Aid & Seabreeze Kite Club. It is a strong bond!

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We are at this time of the year that we are looking into opening Siargao, Philippines again.  Running the kite-season here from the middle of November till the end of March.

Relocated and a “Million dollar view”.  That is were Seabreeze Kite Club is located this kitesurfing season here in beautiful Siargao.  A huge flat water lagoon and a mecca for beginner kiteboarders.

beach 2

We will provide you this season with our usual “good vibes” while relaxing in our hammocks, drinking or chilling at our direct beachfront access.

All this time we were looking for a product that was available for our clients when there was a broken kite, ripped or leaking leading edges.  It was difficult to find a tool that was reachable for us in our remote locations where our kite-centers are located.

You don’t thrust the locals to repair your kite.  Hell no!  They are very good in sewing your clothes and socks but when it comes to your kite that needs attention then it is better to look a bit further and a product on the market that has proven itself and is Professional.

Here we have chosen for Kite-Aid.  We are very happy to become the kite repair center in Siargao, Philippines and Aceh, Indonesia.  It is a great extra service from our kitesurfing center this kite season.

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