We have the only beachfront kiteboard school on the kite board spot in Lhoknga, Aceh in North Sumatra, Indonesia from May to middle of October.

Kitesurfing Indonesia

Everyone will want to ride this spectacular big lagoon with a magnificent white sandy beach in Aceh, Indonesia. For those who enjoy waves, this is also available. It has a breathtaking view over the mountain while you are riding. This is just a few minutes walk from your accommodation.

Seabreeze Kite Club in Aceh,Indonesia brings kiters from complete beginners to riders and more experienced kiters and cruise in the large lagoon or rip up the waves and there is a great cafe to just chill out, have a drink and watch the show.

Lhoknga is located on the North West of Aceh in Sumatra, which is a piece of paradise of Indonesia, With constant cross onshore winds and warm waters Seabreeze Kite Club is the ideal place to learn to Kitesurfing.
Lhoknga is also well known for surfing, stand up paddleboarding on the river, going on amazing scenic motorbike rides along the coast as well as kiteboarding. It is just a short journey to Pulau Weh Sabang Island for great scuba diving or snorkeling.

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