kitesurfing paradise of The Philippines

Enjoy kiting and relaxing in Bantayan Island, Philippines – You will never want to leave!


Getting to Bantayan Island is not hard at all. You can have most of the possibilities and choices of land and water transports of your preferences.


From International Airport Mactan or your hotel take a taxi to North Bus Terminal. Take a bus to Hagnaya Port (travel time is 4-5 hours).  Mini van is faster and also possible to get from the North Bus Terminal.   Take a ferry to Bantayan Island, Sta. Fe (travel time is 1 hour).

Please consider That you will leave Cebu City No Later than 1 p.m. In order to catch the last ferry from Hagnaya at 05.30


Fly direct from Cebu using AirJuan – mostly available Fridays and Mondays


Fly direct from Cebu using Air Island Tour ( Minimum 3 guests)

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