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Kiteboarding Rentals in the Philippines

Choose from our high quality kite gear to get your daily ‘adrenaline rush’ here at Seabreeze Kite Club. Don’t want to drag along all your kite equipment? Tired of airlines charging you for your equipment? Forget all those hassles and come and rent all the kite gear you need.

Complete rental prices includes kite, board, harness & safety leash. Minimum rent is 1 hour. You must have an consistant level where you are able to ride up wind to rent.


USD 800

Per Month
  • Per Hour: U$40
  • Per Two hours: U$60
  • Per 1/2 Day: U$80
  • 1 Week: U$450
  • 2 Weeks: U$625
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Kite Only

USD 500

Per Month
  • Per Hour: U$30
  • Per Two hours: U$50
  • Per Day: U$75
  • 1 Week: U$250
  • 2 Weeks: U$325
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USD 250

Per Month
  • Per Hour: U$15/20
  • Per Two Hours: U$25/35
  • Per Day: U$40/45
  • 1 Week: U$125/175
  • 2 Weeks: U$200/220
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USD 99

Per Month
  • Per Hour: U$12
  • Per Two Hours: U$20
  • Per Day: U$30
  • 1 Week: U$75
  • 2 Weeks: U$130
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Foil BoardNEW

USD 50

Per Hour
  • Per 2 hour-75U$.
  • Daily 90U$
  • Rider needs to be competent to ride upwind.
  • No insurance is offered.  Damage to the foil results in buying the foil.
  • Helmet and life jacket is required.
  • Passport and credit card will be given for deposit.
  • Lessons regarding foiling have the same pricing as our lesson program.

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